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You’re Going Away… But Everybody Pays The Price

You’re going off to prison and life has been turned upside down. Confinement, rules, boredom and lack of privacy are just a few of the changes and adjustments you’re going to have to make in the months or even years ahead. At PAF Consulting, we’re going to help you make those adjustments by teaching you all the things you need to know to make your prison term tolerable and acceptable.

 - But what about your family… the ones you leave behind?
 - Who’s going to teach them the things they have to know and feel when a loved one goes off to prison?

Our work at PAF doesn’t stop with you.  We make sure that your family understands all the issues that will confront them during this time, and with our professionally trained staff, help them deal with and find solutions to those problems even after your confinement.

For Clients

You’re going to prison and nobody knows what you’re feeling. Will I be safe? How can I make friends? Will there be other people like me? All of these questions and more will be addressed in our comprehensive in-person consultation. Our sessions are designed with your background and specific needs in mind. The consultation is not over until all of your questions have been answered.  Learn More.

For Families

At PAF Consulting, preparing the family, partners and loved ones in general for the prison experience is an intricate part of what we do. Our professional staff of counselors and therapists ensures that the loved ones remaining behind get all the help they need in coping with this difficult time even after your departure. All of this and much more is included in our very personal and family sensitive consultation.  Learn More.

Brian Satisky

Spending nearly two years in the Federal Prison system, Brian Satisky possesses the knowledge you need to know in order to make your prison time as constructive and tolerable as possible. Learn strategies to obtain the best jobs, overcome boredom, deal with staff without creating suspicion, and most importantly, how to gain the friendship and respect of your fellow inmates regardless of their background or cultural differences.  Learn More.